Progress, mostly

I drove back to Virginia for the last time in a long time. The next trip to the new state will be a one way affair, with a moving truck and all our earthly possessions, vehicles, animals and mini people in tow.

So now the frantic prep work can finally begin. The packing, the cleaning, inspections, paperwork, medical, dental, school and veterinary records. Cleaning out the fridge, eating up what’s perishable. So many minute details. 

I sort of forgot what it was like having another adult around. It’s an adjustment, to be sure. He’s greatly missed my cooking. The cat is getting used to him and the dog is in heaven now her favorite person is home. 

Less than 3 full weeks now. 

Health stuff: Fibro and moving don’t play well together. IBS and eating fastfood on a long drive is horrid. Between the IBS and my celebrex induced ulcer, the doc thinks I might have celiac. Regardless, gluten is off the list. 

Eating out when you can’t have dairy, gluten and fried is tough. Thank goodness for fruit.  


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